The Debrief – Gymwear 2015



The Debrief spotlights its favourite sportswear brands for 2015 including Hey Jo London along with Adidas by Stella McCartney and Sukishufu.

The article also previews our brand-new Malibu Cassini leggings with rose gold zippers!


Hey Jo are genius because they spent a lot of time perfecting one item and getting really, really good at it – leggings – instead of trying to produce a whole gym kit that’s a bit average. They come in loads of different colours, are strong and durable, and the best bit, despite how simple, is that they have a tiny zip pocket on the bum where you can keep your locker key or card.

They’re not cheap – they range from about £80 to £150, but you get your money’s worth because they don’t chaffe, they don’t go bobbly when you wash them and they give your muscles just the right amount of squeeze to make you feel a bit more toned than you actually are.” – Charlie Byrne, Fashion Editor.

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