Rethink Mink

Golden Goose Trainers £335. APC Jumper £150. Acne Cap £90. Le Specs Sunglasses £75. BKR Water Bottle £25.


If you haven’t met our Mink Leggings, become acquainted. The buttery soft, dusty blush colour is easy to wear and super versatile. The undertone of grey also makes the Mink seriously flattering, elongating the legs and making the muscles pop.


We love to wear our Mink from the plane to the beach. For a look that exudes jet setter, rock them plane side paired with a check blazer, a sheer tee and your favourite trainers. For a long, lazy night, pop them on with a silk blouse, layers of gold jewellery and a little red lipstick.


Whilst we love to dress these leggings up, our favourite is still wearing them from the gym to the school run. The blush colour makes even the simplest of hoodies look beyond chic.