REN’S New Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Body Range





When REN Skincare releases a new range it’s always time to celebrate especially when the words detox, magnesium and revitalised are thrown into the mix. REN’s new range is … drum roll, please; Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Body Range!


In a nutshell, the range was created to restore and balance the body of magnesium and other trace elements, while supporting cell energy levels. Magnesium is amazing at helping combat stress and aiding the body to function better, we particularly love it after an intense workout. As a religious user of magnesium flakes and oils for the last 5 years, this range captures the amazing benefits in an efficient, modern selection of products, perfect for most people who are constantly on the go!


Now, it wouldn’t be REN without a little extra goodness, Atlantic Kelp. Not just any old seaweed, Atlantic kelp packs a punch and helps fight fatigue, stress and pollution, tick, tick and tick! The range consists of 6 products (listed below) and as always delivers on REN’s brand ethos; performance, purity and pleasure. This is perfect for literal anyone and the perfect gift.


The full range is on counters now.


Anti-Fatigue Body Wash, £20 – Reviving body wash with toning seaweed.

Anti-Fatigue Body Cream, £22 – Enriched powerful microalgae cream.

Energising Hand Wash, £16  – Derma-protecting with essential oils.

Energising Hand Lotion, £18 – Light and fresh whilst keeping skin nourished.

Exfoliation Body Scrub, 330ml £26Gentle exfoliator to melt tension away.

Anti-Fatigue Bath Oil, £26 – Detoxifies body and mind, leaving skin energised and nourished.


Words: Freddia Previté and Imagery: