Hey Jo, What Do You Know


My name is Jo and I am the founder of Hey Jo. From the age of 20 I’ve been interested in living a fast, fun, but healthy, lifestyle to the full, whilst bringing up a family of four children and staying married to their father, in London. I have tried many sports and practices, spiritual and non-spiritual, pretty much everything but horse-riding.

After my fourth child turned 8, I embarked upon launching a brand which addressed my problem in not finding any leggings, which were not black, not too funky or unflattering, which I was pleased to wear all day long. I believe we’ve created leggings which are flattering to most women, in fashion led hues, which look good and make you feel fabulous. I need to move my body and I love to look and feel good. Coming from an interiors background, Hey Jo embodies all I love in my life; movement, fashion, lifestyle and creativity.

It’s great to live in a decade where it’s ok to talk about the food I put my body and the exercise I last took, without someone calling me a ‘health freak’. Here, I love to share and learn from inspirations as they present themselves.

The Hey Jo woman is practical, stylish and active…with a sense of fun.
I am all about legs but more than that I am interested in women’s lives in general, I want to share my passion for great practical style, for the modern woman of today. You’re only as old as you feel, so take good care, do it all but look and feel good.

Stay tuned #heyjowhatdoyouknow