Health & Fitness – April 2016


Health & Fitness magazine’s resident Fitness Editor Sarah Ivory road tests day-to-night leggings for the April issue.

Sarah, on the quest to find good quality activewear leggings that take her from the gym to the bar, reviewed our Cassini leggings in amarinthe awarding them 5 stars for style and function!


I’ve wanted a pair of Hey Jo leggings for several years now – and these lived up to my athleisure dreams. The body-flattering pants are practically iconic in the gym fashion world because they’re so easy to wear for a workout or to go out.
After much pondering over the gazillion colour options of the high-end Italian jersey fabric, I chose amarinthe because it would go with lilac, white, camel and cream tops.
What really impressed me, though, was how the leggings performed at the gym. Whether running, lifting or jumping, they held up to the job. And they’re one of the few pairs to have a drawcord waist and zip pocket at the back. Not cheap though.”