Elle Macpherson’s Tips for Great Legs

There are great legs and then there are Elle Macpherson’s legs; long, tanned and toned in all the right places. Elle recently chatted with one of our favourite website’s Get The Gloss about all things legs, and understandably we were very keen to hear about everything she had to say.


Here are the 5 things we learnt about Elle’s legs and how we can get what she’s having.


1:  Diet effects the look and feel of legs. For Elle when she eats a lot of vegetables and drinks a lot of water, the shape of her legs change. When her diet included sugar, salt and wheat her legs looked heavier.


2: For fluid retention, Elle recommends lying on the floor and stretching your legs up a wall. She also suggests moving throughout the day. Don’t be chained to your desk!


3: Body scrubbing, hot and cold showers and infrared saunas help to improve skin texture and lymphatic drainage.


4: When by the sea, walk waist deep or thigh deep in water. The resistance of the water is a fantastic way to tone legs and combat fluid retention. Elle says she notices a huge difference quickly.


5: Pedicures are a must and Kester Black non-toxic nail polish is Australian-made and vegan, making it a favourite of Elle’s.


Check out the full article here.


Images via: Elle Macpherson Instagram.