Class of the month: Rumble at 1Rebel



We are back to high-intensity classes this month with a class that packs a particularly hardcore punch. This month’s class is 1Rebles Gym Rumble class, 45 minutes of explosive combat style exercises, as they say ‘It’s between you and your bag’

1Rebel gyms have been a favourite of Londoners, offering 3 classes; Ride, Reshape and Rumble being it’s latest addition. Well-known for their tough love approach, targeted exercises and immersive environments, Rumble has all the key 1Rebel ingredients. The class is in a darkly-lit circular room filled with punching bags and booming music, each person allocated a bag and gloves that your wear throughout. The class kicks of with the ringing of a bell, immediately you feel your chest puff up and then it’s straight into 40 punches to the bag. Off the bat, the class is high octane with little recovery time, the whole class is based on your bag, whether punching the bag itself or incorporating it into various floor work which simultaneously acts as your recovery time. Throughout the class you are lead through various stances; jabs, uppercuts and hooks, alternating between speed, left and right and working it into other exercises. The fast pace mixed with high octane exercises, cheering crowds (not real -music) creates a room buzzing with energy and fighting spirit.





This class is not only a fantastic full-body exercise but a great stress-buster, for 45 minutes you could get more for your buck. We particularly love this when you’re not feeling inspired the boxing element keeps you thinking and on your toes. Boxing has alway been one of Hey Jo’s most loved form of exercises, great to add into that body beauty routine or as a final prep before a holiday.


Classes are £20 or monthly unlimited pass for £230, for information on the classes or 1Rebel click here.


Word & imagery: Freddia Previté