Class of the month : Primal Power at Duo Chelsea

Weight training,  we automatically think getting big and bulky, which for most is not their desired outcome. However, we have found a new love with this months class; Primal Power. Duo Chelsea has been on our radar for the last few years, this small studio is straight to business, with very few bells or whistles. The simple space is packed with machines and offers PT sessions and small classes of around 4 people.




This semi-private, circuit weight base class is a great start to incorporating weights into to your routine. Each class starts with a quick warm-up of jumping jacks, bear crawls etc to get your heart rate up. Then it’s into the circuits, each circuit last 45 seconds with 10-second rest, alternating between two exercises,  done 4 times, sounds simple. There are 4 rounds of circuits, starting with the arms and slowly blitzing the entire body. Each type of exercise incorporates weights and body weight, for the arm exercises, it’s around 5kg going up to 20kg for legs, in sumo squats.


The circuits are very focused and fantastic if you’re keen to learn how to use weight properly. The exercises are fairly traditional, planks, push-ups, reverse lunges but what throws this over the edge are the weights. By the end of the first circuit; push-ups and straight arm weight raises your arms are shaking.  Then it’s straight into legs finishing with the core. We won’t reveal each exercise circuit, but we will tell you that this is a tough class especially is you not used to incorporating weights. Due to the semi PT aspect, you learn great technique and corrections were needed. As with all our classes of the month as healthy balance is integral to a balanced workout routine. Primal Power has now become a staple in our routine and we love to do a class the night before an event as you wake up feeling super toned and tight.


Classes are £35 or monthly unlimited pass for £198, for information on the classes or Duo Chelsea click here.


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