Class of the Month: BOOM Cycle

Hey Jo Leggings £145Veja Sneakers £155. Fendi Crop Top £250. Le Specs Sunglasses £38. Baserange Hoodie £160. 


Famed for its pumping music, dark candlelit studios and kick ass instructors, BOOM Cycle is as addictive as it is endorphin-inducing (and sweaty).


The bespoke spin studio offers a lot more than your average spin class. The playlists are carefully curated and the darkness of the studio allows you to forget about the outside world and simply spin your legs away.


What we love most about the class though is the focus on riding to the beat of the music. There’s no tracking RPM and constantly changing your resistance.


For first time BOOMers we recommend you arrive early, introduce yourself and ask for assistance with setting up your bike. The staff, as helpful as they are fierce, will be overly accommodating and make you feel totally at ease.


For optimum comfort wear leggings, a crop top and a loose fitting tee. You’ll be provided with cleated shoes, free of charge. Hey Jo Blueberry leggings are the perfect choice as the high performance, luxurious Italian jersey fabric is breathable making you far less hot and sweaty.


You’ll find BOOM Cycle studios in four locations around London: Holborn, Hammersmith, Battersea and Monument.