Class of the month: Asana at Barrecore

This month class is the complete 360 to last month Velocity, Barrecore Asana is described as a mixture of their Signature with restorative yoga pose thrown in. Sounds easy and with the reviews mentioning a massage at the end it surely couldn’t be that hard.



The team at Hey Jo have been massive fans of Niki, Barrecorre and all their classes for years. Their Chelsea branch, a boutique studio off the Kings Road is compact, clean and efficient, everything you need. The class is near darkness with only natural light peeping through, waiting for it to begin you start to immediately relax, with amazing music softly washing over you. How can this be a workout? The slow meditation lasts a few minutes and then it quickly moves into a flow, you start to feel warm and humming. The class is an enjoyable fast-paced mixture of challenging deep poses with that ‘Barrecorre burn’ combined with fixed relaxation. The powerful vinyasa flow gets the heart rate up and in true Barrecorre fashion targeting the entire body, constantly stretching and strengthing.




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It truly felt like a mix of their Signature, Yoga flow and static poses. Due to the nature of the class, it felt very intimate and attentive with the teacher constantly correcting and encouraging. As to be predicted the end of the class with the Savasana was a real highlight, not only was it a chance to lie there and do nothing but as promised, there was a massage! The teacher visited each student applying lavender oil to our temples and giving a quick massage to relieve tension and realign the body, utter bliss!

This class is perfect to add to any cardio and resistance training, aiding stiff or stressed muscle. Described by Niki Rein as the ‘zen burn’ Asana is utterly relaxing but still challenges you both physically and mentally. It felt like the missing piece in my personal workout routine, I left feeling relaxed, re-centered and energised.

Classes are £28 or monthly unlimited pass for £220, for information on the classes or Barrecore click here.


Words Freddia Previte

Imagery Barrecore and Hey Jo