Class of the Month: 1Rebel Ride

At Hey Jo, when we find a new class we love, we can’t help but tell everyone and anyone who will listen about it.


This month, our class of the month and latest obsession is the 1Rebel Ride class. There are spin classes and then there is the 1Rebel Ride Class.



1Rebel offers no contract, pay-as-you-go, high intensity fitness sessions, but it is it’s Ride class that’s the real game changer. When you arrive you are given a pair of Spin Shoes and then welcomed into the darkened room where the music is pumping and the lights are flashing. The atmosphere is one more similar to a nightclub, than a gym and we’re not complaining!


Once on the bike, the friendly and toned instructors will help you get settled if you’re a newbie, you simply have to spin your legs to the beat of the music. It seems simple enough but you’ll be left with burning legs, a flushed, sweaty face and a serious endorphin high.


There’s no calorie counting, no leaderboards, just you challenging yourself to push further and faster.



Workout aside, the 1Rebel gyms are super luxe; think copper detailing, fluffy white towels and beautiful showers, making it a great place to escape the realities of day to day life. What more could you want from a gym?


Images: 1Rebel.