Becoming a Runner

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With marathon season swiftly approaching, runners and becoming more and more prevalent.


If you’re not a natural born runner, it’s hard to look at a runner and not be jealous of their natural grace, toned legs, determination and commitment.


So how do you become a runner if even the thought of running is baffling and totally exhausting?


Find below our top 5 tips and tricks for kickstarting your running career. Bring on the runner’s high!

  1. Embrace the walking and running approach: Belting out the front door at a pace you can’t maintain will only result in injury or frustration. Instead, make a plan that’s full of small and achievable goals. Add 5 minutes to your run per week, or incorporate sprints or hills. Focusing on a gradual increase in fitness is key.
  2. Run 3 times a week: Running every day is simply not possible, so instead aim for 3 quality runs per week. On the first day run for as long as you can manage. The day after this long run, do a recovery run of just ten to 15 minutes of nice and gentle jogging. Then for your third run, opt for an interval training type of run with sprints, hill running, speed work or pushing and pulling your pace back on the treadmill.
  3. Stretch before and after your run: Before you start your run it is crucial to do a series of dynamic stretches. Get your body moving with leg swings, side to side squats, lunges and arm rotations. Post run it is important to stretch out the muscles that have been used. A foam roller, although sometimes uncomfortable, can really help to ease muscle soreness. If you don’t have access to a foam roller undertake static stretches.
  4. Find the right trainers: Choosing and running in the correct footwear is one of the most important tips we can share. Not only do the right trainers prevent injury they also help to improve your running form. To find the perfect pair, head to a specialist store that offers gait analysis, which assesses how you walk and run on video.
  5. Keep a training diary: To track your progress and to stay motivated keep a diary that tracks your workouts. Record your time, distance and how you felt post run. It’s difficult to see progress day to day but looking back and seeing the improvements from 6 weeks ago will be drastic.