Cru8 Detox – Vitality Delivered


I was recently introduced by a friend to a detox food delivery company called Cru8. I had decided to reward myself with the luxury of great food delivered to me daily instead of ‘sale shopping’. Truly, the gift (to your mind & body) of cleansing your system, whilst replenishing with raw, wholesome meals served fresh each day, can be a far more enriching experience.  I have never been so excited to delve into a cool bag left by my front door each morning.


I would say that I am sensitive and my body responds quickly to changes I make to my diet. Honestly, I felt really good after only two days into Cru8’s elimination plan and by the third day all I could keep telling my family was how happy I was, whilst they all wanted to know why they couldn’t have some too! The food Alexi delivers, (mainly raw, but some dishes to be served warm, after slow and gentle heating), is deliciously satisfying, I can’t say that I have felt in any way to be ‘missing out’ or hungry. I don’t own a pair of weighing scales but felt much lighter after a couple of days and that gentle, gradual loss has continued. I’ve enjoyed the ‘real food’ feel of this detox.


“Alexi von Eldik, founder of CRU, had a theory that eating a high-raw, mostly plant-based diet would positively affect work productivity and well-being. She set out to prove this theory through her MSc (Organisational Psychology, City University) thesis research. Results showed that this type of diet not only significantly enhances work productivity but emotional well-being.”
“Ms. von Eldik believes that a high-raw, mostly plant-based diet can lead to tremendous health, well-being, and productivity benefits. She has been a raw food advocate for some years and has seen the transformational nature of eating high-raw first hand.”


Choose between 10-Day Detox and Body Reset Programme or 21-Day Positive Habit Forming Programme. As Cru8 says : “The body, given half the chance, craves foods that promote health and vibrancy and the 21-Day programme offers the body that chance.”

It has been a relief to break out of the coffee habit I’d slipped back into; sugar,wheat, alcohol and caffeine make me feel lousy – I just need a gentle reminder of that sometimes.  The detox left me feeling as though I’d had a two-week spa break. The first item on my September ‘to-do list’ was to book in with Alexi for 10 more days on the programme to help ease me back into the crazy ‘Back to school/office’ September schedule.

Why not detox with a smile on your face?