Legs Q&A With Danielle Copperman

Danielle Copperman is one incredibly impressive and inspiring woman. The model, turned nutritionist, turned entrepreneur is not only changing the world of breakfast cereals but also the way we look at healthy eating.


Since being scouted and entering the modelling world five years ago Danielle set out to learn everything about nutrition. Ever since she has been a force in the healthy revolution sweeping the world.


Her website Model Mange Tout documents her unexpected, creative recipes that prove food can be totally delicious and utterly nourishing. From White Chocolate Mousse, to Raw Chocolate Digestive Biscuits, she has it covered, oh and all her recipes are all free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar and high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Dannielle has always had a penchant for granola but after realising how sugar laden this cereal is she endeavoured to create an alternative. Enter Qnola. Qnola is a nutrient rich, superfood packed granola made from quinoa and we are addicted. Her myriad of flavours are each more delicious than the last, meaning you will be able to find your perfect Qnola match.


At Hey Jo we love waking up and whipping up a bowl of Qnola, fresh berries and a little CoYo. You will feel amazing all day long and your legs with thank you too.




Dannielle shared a few of her healthy eating tips and exercise secrets with us. Suffice it to say, we are off to squat jump.


HJ: We love Qnola. Tell us a little about why you should eat it to get great legs?

DC: Qnola is a range of quinoa based breakfast goods. All products are free from gluten, grains, dairy and refined sugar and are 100% natural and made with organic ingredients. It is high in protein for a start, which is 1 secret to great legs as you need protein to support healthy muscle growth and repair (making your legs toned if you are working the muscles the right way). It is also high in healthy fats from the raw nuts and seeds, including chia seeds, which keeps skin healthy, vibrant and renewed. Nobody wants dry legs! High also in antioxidants, which help with reducing the signs of ageing, removing toxins from the body (cue, cellulite), improving circulation, improve energy (meaning you can workout for longer) and much more, Qnola is an ideal product anytime of day to keep your body nourished and eager to move.


HJ: How do you like to workout?

DC: I used to work out a lot – around 3-4 times a week doing intensive workouts with the SBC. Its an amazing regime and is really challenging but seriously enjoyable and addictive too. Since starting my own business though, I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to concentrate on keeping fit. Nowadays im a bit of an exercise recluse, and I keep most of my workouts in my bedroom. Recently I have learned to enjoy running (probably won’t last once the summer is over!) so I run to my local park (Clissold Park) every morning with my flatmate, or late in the evening if im feeling stressed and claustrophobic from working inside all day. Every morning after or instead of a run I will do a 15 minute yoga routine, ending with a headstand and an inversion. I sometimes mix it up, but the last month I have been doing the same routine to see how my flexibility improves. I mastered an unassisted headstand in 4 days, and can almost do the splits after 3 weeks! I sometime follow youtube videos by tara stiles, but mostly I just do what feels good. I also do SBC or Kayla Itsines workouts in my bedroom or garden too. They both provide rapid results (I can see my side abs coming through after just two days of 45 minute workouts) and they are easy and quick to do. I like to workout with friends too, so if I can, I will. But in London it is so hard to find the time yourself, let alone a time to fit into someone elses schedule too. And travelling somewhere for a workout just takes up so much time!


HJ: Which do you consider to be the best and most efficient leg/bum exercises you’ve ever tried?

DC: Squat jumps are amazing for both leg and bum. The feeling when you’re legs are burning and quivering so much that it doesn’t feel like you can stand up let alone jump off of the ground is challenging but also really rewarding. I also like doing split lunges for my bum, or using a resistance band which instantly intensifies the simplest of movements.


HJ: What Model Mange Tout recipe is a must try?

DC: I love my spinach and courgette crepes because they make a really simple, quick snack, lunch or dinner, and are great enjoyed cold if there are leftovers. I also love raw rolos, and sweet potato cashew pudding for a quick, protein-rich breakfast or dessert.


HJ: What is your beauty routine for your legs?

DC: I occasionally use poloquin’s lean legs. I moisturise every evening and after every shower. I use a dry body brush once a week to exfoliate. And I try not to shave too often if I don’t have too. That sounds really bad, but it can irritate and dry out the skin, and also just encourages your hairs to grow back faster and stronger. On shoots I’ve picked up some great tips too. Mac Face & Body is like airbrushing your legs – its amazing. I don’t use this at home though! And also a mixture of coconut oil and highlighter massaged on the shins helps make your legs looks smoother and shinier on camera.


HJ: What is your ‘go – to’ leg product?

DC: I love Goe Oil, Dr Hauschka Body Oil and Ren Body Lotion. I also love & Other Stories body scrubs as they are the perfect combination of gentle and invigorating, and smell amazing.


HJ: What is a simple change everybody could make to live a healthier and happier life?

DC: Go Slow. The past year I was so stressed with work, I worked 24 hours a day 7 days a week and felt really low at times. I’ve since realised that there is little point in doing anything unless you enjoy it. I found it hard to take time for myself, see more of my friends and to relax without feeling guilty, but I feel so much clearer and more positive for it. In London, everything is go go go, and it is exhausting sometimes, even just to witness. Go slow also goes for being healthier. Don’t change too many aspects of your diet too quickly.


HJ: What is your favourite Hey Jo colour?

DC: I’m pretty boring when it comes to colors and most of my wardrobe is a combinantion of different shades of black, greys, navy’s and creams. I love Hey Jo’s white & jet voyage leggings.


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