Why You Need To Try Golden Mylk

At Hey Jo we love trying new products and when we discovered Golden Mylk from Wunder Workshop we knew we were on to a winner. Not only is it golden and therefore so much cooler than normal milk, but it is jam packed full of goodness and lovingly made in Notting Hill, London.


Golden Mylk is so great for you as it is made using turmeric. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, great for your guts, mood lifting, liver cleansing, anti-viral and cancer prevention. In other words we really should all have more of it in our lives.


Golden Mylk also known as  ‘Liquid Sunshine” is the perfect way to wake up in the morning. After a hectic workout, the Golden Mylk chilled is seriously delicious and on a cold evening you can warm it up and it will quickly leave you warmed up.


Extra points for drinking it while wearing a pair of our Mikado leggings…


Words: Victoria Drysdale