Legs Q & A with Maria Hatzistefanis aka Mrs Rodial




Maria Hatzistefnais launched Rodial in 1999 after returning from banking to her calling in the beauty world. Having previously worked in beauty journalism, Maria created a range of high performance skincare, targeting treatments to specific skin concerns.


HJ: Which is your  favourite leg part/area?

MH: I like the thigh area, when they are defined and firm. It’s a great way to show some skin and still look elegant and chic. I love showing off a lean leg with a mini skirt and chanel combat boot.


HJ: Which do you consider to be the best and most efficient leg/bum exercises you’ve ever tried?

MH: I’m a massive fan of Yoga and use a number of sequences to help tone my legs and bum. One of my favourites is the “Burning Thighs Yoga Sequence” which includes a number of positions including Warrior, side fierce, half moon and extended squat. Hold each of these poses for the full five breaths and you will start to feel the pulling on the lower back, which means it working!


HJ: What is your beauty routine for your legs?

MH: For my legs I use a number of products as this is where cellulite can occur. I use Nip+Fab Cellulite Fix, as its helps keep my skin free of any cellulite & firms the skin. I also use Rodial Size Zero this is a great all over firming body gel like formula, that helps to define body contours by firming, toning and softening the skin. It’s the perfect post work out product!


HJ: How do you keep your legs smooth?

MH: I apply Size Zero after the shower and after a workout and it keeps my legs silky smooth! Size Zero is a great product and helps to keep the whole body firm and soft.


HJ: Do you have any health/diet tips related to legs… ?

MH: I am going through a green phase right now, drinking a green juice every morning with whatever greens are in my fridge, adding 2 tablespoons of Elle Mcpherson’s green elixir –

Which kick starts the day in the healthiest possible way. I also love an espresso to get me going in the morning, I always have coffee straight without milk as the combo is the worse possible thing for cellulite.


HJ: Do you favour the recent trend for bare legs in winter?

MH: I do like a bare leg especially with the recent 60s mood of short dresses at Saint Laurent and Gucci. I like to toughen it up with a combat or slouchy Isabel Marant boot.


HJ: Which is your favourite leg product?

MH: Cellulite Fix Nip+fab.


HJ: Which is your favourite Hey Jo colour of legging and why?

MH: I own about 6 different colours of the hey Jo leggings, I wear the navy when I travel with a rag & bone sweater, it looks smart and comfortable for a long flights. I love the Antares red for a boost of colour when I train topped with a lululemon grey top and wear black with adidas stan smith shoes on my casual days in the office.


HJ: Which kind of workout do you wear Hey Jo leggings to?

MH: Recently I’ve been going to Barry BC London, to take part in the 1000 calorie busting workouts and I love wearing my Hey Jo leggings, they keep me cool, super comfy and looking stylish!


HJ: Which your top three music numbers at the moment?

MH: Obsessed with Prayer Inc Robin Schulz, Gordan City Ready for your love and Rita Ora has good workout tunes!


HJ: Do you have a favourite hosiery brand?

MH:     Wolford does the best quality


HJ: Do you wear leggings outside of the gym?

MH: Yes I wear leggings if I’m running to a photo shoot or if I need to take a quick run to the hairdressers!


HJ: Thank you Maria!