Leg Q&A with Kat Harding

If you haven’t heard of SUP Yoga, you should become acquainted. The enriching practice combines yoga postures with stand up paddle boarding; the board playing the part of the yoga mat. The result is a strangely addictive and fulfilling experience, that challenges you both mentally and physically yet leaves you feeling completely rejuvenated.


One woman leading the SUP Yoga way, is Australia’s first qualified SUP yoga instructor, Kat Harding, who truly glows from the inside out.


Kat spends her days following the sun around the globe hosting classes, workshops and retreats in some of the most beautiful places in the world. If you are lucky enough to attend one of her classes or retreats you’ll quickly become enthralled by this sun kissed Aussie, whose calm yet confident nature and immense skills make even the most rookie yogis feel totally at home on a stand up paddle board.


We chatted to Kat about all things legs and SUP Yoga.


HJ: Your SUP Yoga classes look magical! What makes SUP Yoga so special?


KH: Thank you! It is definitely a magical experience, there are very few yoga studios in the world that allow you to look back on the land and completely immerse yourself in your practice (whatever fitness practice it might be) surrounded by the freshest sea air.


HJ: Any tips for beginners?

KH: Take your time in your practice and breathe, it also helps to smile. SUP Yoga is about experiencing your body and enjoying some time out to take deep breaths whilst floating on the ocean under the warmth of the sun.


HJ: We are all about legs at Hey Jo, what is your beauty routine for your legs? 

KH: Because I’m often in the salt water I make sure to use a coffee & coconut oil scrub at least once a week to help keep my legs moisturised and use either my organic Blue Labelle Ylang Ylang & Frankincense body oil or my Aesop Resolute Hydrating Body Balm afterwards.


HJ: You live an active lifestyle; what foods do you incorporate in your life to keep you fuelled throughout the day?

KH: Until recently I’ve never really felt hungry first thing in the mornings and try not to eat anything big before I practice or teach. But thanks to a nutritionist friend I’ve started to make time to eat protein in the morning, often after I finish my initial classes and have found that my energy then lasts longer through the day (no more 3pm downs).  A quick go to is scrambled eggs (2-3 eggs with salt and pepper in a pan with a little butter or ghee) with some spinach or avocado and chilli flakes, and I love fresh Mexican food – anything with guacamole, fresh tomato salsa & cheese makes me happy.


HJ: Juice of choice?


KH: For something refreshing – watermelon, lime and mint. For something filling – almond milk, baby spinach leaves, banana, cinnamon & a super greens powder.


HJ: What is the one thing you think everyone could do each day to live a happier and healthier life?


KH:Take a few moments to breathe deep. It’s surprising how much a bit of fresh air into your bloodstream can do to improve your health and life.


To find out more about SUP yoga or to book a class or retreat with Kat, click here.


Words: Victoria Drysdale

Images taken from kathardingyoga.com