Class of the Month: Kobox

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At Hey Jo we love nothing more than popping on our favourite pair of leggings and beginning the day with an epic workout. Not only is it great for the body, but it is great for the mind too.


Fortunately London has an abundance of incredible classes to try, so we can mix up our morning workouts and constantly stay motivated, something which can be tricky with the dreary London weather.


We are currently obsessed with Kobox and their calorie blasting 50 minute boxing sessions. Not only is the gym super luxe, but the class is energising, fun and great for the mind. Turns out, boxing your heart out is a great way to destress, who knew…


What we like the most about Kobox is that the room is super dark with a few neon flashing lights thrown in for good measure. Not only does this fool you into thinking you are in a nightclub but the only person you can focus on is yourself, meaning no distractions and no worrying about what you look like or how you are doing.


You can find out more information here.


Wear to Kobox:

Hey Jo Sky Leggings £145

T By Alexander Wang Tee £70

PE Nation Sports bra £70

Ashish Sequinned Bomber £1,385

Athletic Propulsion Labs Sneakers £125 

Nike Water Bottle £6


Words: Victoria Drysdale