Winter Skin Saviours

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It is no secret that the cold weather can play havoc to your skin. As much as we can try and deny it the freezing temperatures, fierce winds and central heating cause a nasty cocktail that results in dry, flaky skin, a dull complexion and fine lines.


At Hey Jo we love dewy, glowing skin and we do a lot of things to ensure we glow from the inside out. During these colder months however, we understand that we need a little extra help.


Enter our winter skin saviours. These are the products we permanently have on hand, and recommend you do too.


Charlotte Tilbury puts every other clay mask to shame with her Goddess Skin Clay Mask. It lifts, smoothes, brightens and tightens pores for baby soft, hydrated skin. £45


The Korres lip butter is ideal for dry and cracked lips, but it also prevents prevents dried lips too. If you aren’t convinced, it tastes delicious too.  £10


This lightweight Aesop serum is filled with Vitamins B and C and is a great alternative to cream-based moisturisers. The Aloe Vera base is super hydrating, leaving skin smooth and shine-free.  £43


The only thing better than a warm bath is a warm bath with Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil. This magical bottle of goodness is ideal for dry, sensitive or irritated skin. £40


Scrub away dry skin with the Jo Malone Vitamin E Body Treatment to reveal a youthful glow. It’s none abrasive, so your skin will be silky soft. £22


Words: Victoria Drysdale