Back to being productive| Miriam Gubovic

The office is now non-stop; its all hands on deck, summer and holidays are a distance memory. We know the feeling. Our Hey Jo expert Miriam Gubovic shares how to go back (and yes we are still have summertime sadness) and staying productive at work.



Holidays are productive. Taking active rest recharges and refuels the drained creativity tanks. We will float on the cloud of new memories for months after the break is over. Refreshed mentally, we start to evaluate what the holiday has done to us physically. Chances are, unless you went for a yoga retreat to India, there was some new French wine tasting, exotic food indulging and one too many late nights involved. All part of the relaxation goals for your holidays, they can quickly bring post-holiday blues around as you sit behind the office desk and struggle to keep your eyes on the computer screen (unless flipping through the 560 sunny pictures). Keeping the mind and body busy and focused is the key to maintaining the vacation glow.


Brain power


Certain foods act as cognitive function boosters. They provide nutrients that stimulate the brain in the right places making you more alert and focused.


For antioxidants to stop free radicals from damaging healthy cells (yes, even brain cells) – blueberries, acai berry, kale, spinach, turmeric

For healthy fats to provide energy source for your brain, which by the way is at least 60% fat and the fattest organ in a human body – raw cold pressed olive and coconut oils

For concentration and nourishment of the brain – activated nuts


Rather than picking up that extra piece of sugary treat your colleague brought from Spain to go along with your fifth coffee of the day, go for a healthy snack like activated nuts. Ever noticed walnuts are shaped like little brains? That’s no coincidence. Nuts and seeds provide omega 3 fatty acids vital for healthy brain function. Activated nuts take it a step further. Activation process unlocks the minerals and vitamins naturally occurring in the nuts, but bound by the nature. By soaking the nuts in water with pink Himalayan salt, we unlock their full potential of providing easily digestible nutrients. The dehydration process that follows brings the crunch back. Yum!


Productivity boost


Afternoons around 2pm are the hardest for most people. Statistically anyway. Often heavy and nutrient empty lunch is trying to set in and our body has to work extra hard to process it. As the energy is channeled to supporting of digestion, there’s less of it for us to use elsewhere. Office fridges are often filled with unhealthy energy and soft drinks and in some cases, the pantry is cracking under a range of unhealthy snacks available to the team. Some offices now understand that keeping the staff running on sugar doesn’t reach far and opt for fresh fruit baskets and cold pressed juices and boosters instead.


Raw cold pressed juices are a natural energy boost without the nasties. As simple as that. They provide a fast injection of vitamins and minerals and much needed energy. No need to jump on a juice detox every other week! Cleanses are a great tool to give your digestive system a well-deserved rest and clean up the accumulated toxins once in a while. But regular and steady consumption of organic cold pressed juices (the greener the better!) will restore and build a strong system and be more effective in the long run. Building up a strong foundation is the key to being a part of happy and productive workforce!


My personal favorite juices are Hot CTRUTH and Green Harvest from CPRESS Juice. Hot CTRUTH with cayenne pepper gives me the right amount of afternoon kick – an instant restart. The combination of greens, coconut water, lemon and ginger in Green Harvest refreshes any time of the day. And on mornings when it’s extra hard to even see clear, I go for Super Green booster. The power of liquid chlorophyll is something I’ve never experienced before. It just clears up the vision and makes the day bright in a second!


Munch & juice on!

For office orders please email . We can also come to the office for sampling and nutrition talk  🙂



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